Tavros #7

Overall Success Rate 76.1%
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Clinically Proven Ingredients
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Pills Per Bottle 30
Price Per Bottle $49.00

Product Description:

Tavros, a male enhancement supplement promising a wealth of sexual performance and functioning perks, is recommended for use among men ages 35 and beyond. It is formulated with coenzyme-A, the potent master enzyme and super-catalyst, and is touted to be engineered to fully support the sexual needs of the mature male, mainly sustained and frequent sexual intercourse “without compromise.”

Tavros is suggested to be taken as a one-a-day capsule, best taken daily with water and on an empty stomach for ideal results.

Promoted Benefits:

Tavros is in the sexual enhancement game with the mission of stimulating the male libido, promoting testosterone production, improving quality of erections, nourishing sperm production, and improving the intensity of your orgasms. It also seeks to also address ejaculation volume, libido stimulation, pleasure and sensation, and erectile firmness and longevity.


The ingredients found in this male supplement include the following:

  • Coenzyme-A – Deemed one of the most powerful catalyst enzymes in the body, with a coenzyme-A formula in Tavros known to be unique and can assist in increasing of the level of free testosterone.
  • 100 Protodioscin Extract – The product contains 100 protodioscin extract, an element that has been proven to increase the L-H or the luteinizing hormone, which is responsible in building the sperm count in the testes.
  • Niacin and Vitamin B6 – Also known as pyridoxine hydrochlorideat 250%. Tavros also boasts of folate and Vitamin B12, known as the cyanocobalamin and at 833%.
  • Zinc: The product’s zinc content is at 67% daily value.
  • Other ingredients include maca root, Avena sativa, caffeine, and epimedium.

Final Take:

It’s easy to point out the pros and cons of using Tavros. The supplement allows a boost in energy as it offers outstanding intensity, thanks to its ingredients. It increases desire and performance, and its proprietary blend is able to build erectile strength to approximate the vigor of a young healthy male.

On the downside, we are very careful around Tavros for its unintended effects, including dizziness, insomnia, and other consequences. The product can also be quite costly, so in this vein we feel that the price and the potential risks far outweigh the potential benefits. As they say, proceed with caution.