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Product Description:

Stendra, produced by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, hails itself as the first and only FDA-approved drug for erection dysfunction in nearly 10 years. This sexual enhancer is recommended to be consumed 30 minutes or as early as 15 minutes prior to sex, with or without food, for the promoted male enhancing benefits. It is available in three dosages: 50 milligrams, 100 mg, and 200 mg (100 mg is recommended as the starting dose).

Promoted Benefits:

This ED prescription drug for has found that in a clinical study of ED patients, three out of four attempted vaginal penetration succeeded, and 100 and 200 milligrams of the pill helped in addressing erectile dysfunction in diabetic males. All strengths of the drug were said to demonstrate significant improved in the Erectile Function Domain Score provided by the International Index of Erectile Function, compared to placebo.


Stendra does not reveal it full ingredient list and merely dubs it as a “proprietary drug formulation.” Take note, though, that not unlike other ED drugs such as Cialis, Stendra is a PDE5 inhibitor indicated for the treatment of the common erectile condition.

Final Take:

As its positives, Stendra offers multiple clinical trial findings to help in verifying its effects on ED and related sexual dysfunctions. Its focus on ED is a good one, addressing the many different symptoms that may arise. Given its status as a pharmaceutical product, it is likely to have also undergone rigorous testing and quality standards, and is required to disclose safety warnings and prescription information.

The negatives are a diverse bunch. For one, it’s prescription-based, so one cannot simply obtain it on his own or without a doctor’s prescription. Understandably, too, drug therapy has been linked to a number of unwarranted side effects, and erectile dysfunction drugs are especially prone to this perceived level of harm or danger. Finally, price could also be prohibitive.

Prescription drugs are naturally accessible if one has been properly diagnosed and need for intake is determined. But as is our usual conviction, we prefer to stick to herbal supplement therapy for male sexual enhancement, because there have been plenty of cautionary tales out there in the form of ED drugs’ documented adverse effects and reactions. While likely beneficial, Stendra does not fully guarantee that it won’t lead to unforeseen results, which can be better estimated with herbal ingredients and formulations openly revealed.