Rexbull #33

Overall Success Rate 70.2%
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Product Description:

It appears that Rexbull is a discontinued product, but let’s continue with a supplement review given that certain leftover stocks (or black-market items) may still be in circulation. It is important to discuss the merits and shortcomings as well as possible dangers of using it in order to warn potential customers.

Rexbull rings a bell because of Red Bull, the popular energy drink. But do not be confused, as Red Bull works to boost energy and performance, contains Taurine, and does not in any way promise any sexual enhancement benefit. Rexbull, on the other hand, does so – it’s focused on claiming the same lovemaking edge as other herbal enhancers.

Promoted Benefits:

From what is left of Rexbull on the internet, it seems that it also promises enhancements in erections, stamina, and overall sexual performance. But it’s not clear whether it banking on the benefits of testosterone, herbal boosters, or a proprietary formula.

There is very scarce information out there on product information, ingredients, and FAQs on Rexbull, probably owing to its discontinuation in the market. But while specific details on this product are no longer accessible as official data, Rexbull left a trail of indicators of its performance and market record, such as a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of F (a dismal performance), numerous unresolved complaints, and a general lack of effectiveness amid so many customer service issues.


Rexbull claims to be a completely natural formula, but there is no exact way to verify this given there is no partial or full list of ingredients available online or in official filings.

Final Take:

Rexbull enjoys a strong recall because of its association with popular energy boosting drink Red Bull. Other than that, we are overwhelmed by a long list of disadvantages of using the product, including the lack of official product data, the lack of manufacturer’s information to gauge credibility and authority, and the sizable number of negative feedback and complaints the product left behind. It may not be safe to take this if one happens to get hold of the product in the underground market, as there’s no way to tell if it is safe, effective, and worth one’s money.