Orexis #31

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Pills Per Bottle 60
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Product Description:

It’s dubbed as the Orexis phenomenon, where there’s advanced erectile strength, ultimate orgasm control, and heightened sex drive and stamina. Orexis has a massive advertising machinery behind it, including a couple of adult film stars, NASCAR drivers, and football personalities who claim to have their share of sexual woes that Orexis can very well address.

This male enhancer boasts of pharmaceutical-grade standards that can offer amazing results than any other natural remedy can, according to its website. The little blue pill is poised to work within 45 minutes, and 7 to 10 days of daily treatment is expected power up the body with super-herbs for better erectile power and sexual prowess.

Promoted Benefits:

Orexis is said to help the body pump blood, leading to amazing erectile strength. As one’s manhood becomes engorged with blood, the veins pump leaving one with a thickness that worthy of pride. This then is projected to improve overall sexual experience, both for the user and his partner/s.

Orexis brings together the traditionally harnessed benefits of key herbs, including Tribulus terrestris for increased muscle mass and enhance strength by boosting your testosterone levels, as well as traditional Chinese herb epimedium for fighting erectile dysfunction.


Orexis’ proprietary blend comes in 1,250 milligrams of individual serving and comprises the following herbal extracts:

  • Tribulus terrestris – Used in Europe for thousands of years as a method for treating sexual dysfunction and increasing libido.
  • Epimedium sagittum – Medical research has discovered that the active component in icarin, which is used for increasing erectile function.
  • Muira puama – Used to restore sexual virility and to increase sexual desire and potency in men.
  • Panax ginseng – Traditionally used to overcome general weakness and delivery extra energy, along with getting aphrodisiac effects.
  • Catuaba bark extract – This herbal tonic ranks among Brazil’s apgrodisiac plants, and its regular consumption is said to lead to erotic dreams followed later on by increased libido.
  • Damiana – A relatively small shrub producing small, aromatic flowers, and is traditionally made into a tea consumed for its aphrodisiac properties.
  • Yohimbe extract – Said to prevent depressive disorders as it inhibits monoamine oxidase and dilates blood vessels.

Final Take:

Orexis has an impressive presentation of what makes harder, longer-lasting erections, and its roster of key ingredients walks its talk of erectile and sexual potency. It has a good focus on erectile strength as well as orgasm control and libido, and it has a wide marketing reach that not all relative newcomers in the industry have.

But we are found wanting certain vital details including exact product composition, clinical data, dosage recommendations, and even manufacturing standards – supposedly products of Orexis’ caliber can easily provide. One should be guided on growing reports worldwide of the unwanted effects of yohimbe present in supplements.