Nugenix #11

Overall Success Rate 72.9%
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Pills Per Bottle 30
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Product Description:

Discover vitality with Nugenix – this is the main proposition of this male enhancement product, which specifically positions itself as a free testosterone booster. Boasting as the no. 1 men’s vitality product at GNC stores, it is created by Boston-based nutrition developers who want to help men maintain their “edge” in lovemaking, fitness, and in the workplace. The overarching goal: increase high free testosterone levels, considered essential for active males and in maintaining sexual and overall drive and performance even in the face of aging.

Promoted Benefits:

Improved libido and sexual performance, alongside “newfound vitality and passion,” sum up the brand promise of Nugenix. It cites that natural testosterone production increases from puberty up to age 30 before dipping, and for many men this testosterone reduction means lower libido and loss of strength and stamina.


The main ingredient of Nugenix is the proprietary Testofen, which contains Fenuside from the highly celebrated herb fenugreek. To maximize the potency of Nugenix, according to its makers, there’s a special blend that includes Testofen plus additional key ingredients like zinc and vitamins B12 and B6. The main website does not list the complete ingredient list.

As for usage, the recommended use for the testosterone pill is to take three capsules at the same time on an empty stomach. On days of working out, it may be better to take the pill 30 to 45 minutes prior to workout proper. On non-workout days, take it in the morning. Dosage can also be slightly increased by one to two capsules, which is deemed still a safe tolerance zone.

Final Take:

We find the promotions of Nugenix centered on the benefits and overall importance of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone that influences so many different bodily functions and health indicators.

But it is a major letdown that Nugenix chooses to obsess over the testosterone boost and not the exact ways it can breathe new life into male sexual performance, potency, and secondary benefits like prostate health, mood, and energy. What are the mechanisms by which Nugenix can improve sexual dysfunction and serve as a healthy maintenance pill for men unhappy with their current status? How does it fare versus other testosterone boosters on the market today, admittedly too many to mention and investigate?

We hardly find any clinical trials, independent reviews, and other product “health checks” that will convince us that Nugenix ranks as one of the best – and is, on the basic level, worth our money.