Longinexx #26

Overall Success Rate 73.2%
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Clinically Proven Ingredients
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Pills Per Bottle 60
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Product Description:

Longinexx wastes no time claiming that its new breakthrough male augmentation formula is rated # 1 by the scientific community. It is said to be designed based on the latest scientific research on the mechanisms of vasodilation and capillary expansion, and has yielded what many experts consider to be the most remarkable results every seen in the natural male enhancement field. The key to making you bigger: Longinexx’s combination of pharmaceutical-grade, proprietary compounds coupled with its so-called Super Critical Extraction Process and Rapid Expansion Technology.

Promoted Benefits:

This male sexual enhancer is targeted to the male anatomy region of the body to increase a man’s erectile capacity, as well as erectile strength, erectile endurance level and overall erectile quality. The starting point for this process is made possible by stimulating the natural production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body.

In its so-called independent scientific study with 25 subjects, Longinexx separated participants into two groups and found that subjects using the formula increased their size 8 times more than control subjects in a matter of 7 weeks.

Longinexx is poised to help provide:

  • Larger, firmer, and fuller erections
  • Maximized erectile size and mass
  • Increased sexual stamina and energy
  • Revitalized sexual ability
  • More forceful orgasms
  • Accelerated frequency of intercourse
  • Improved erectile quality


Longinexx was said to be designed with two main components, with the first one being L-Arginine AKG, a source of NO production. The second component is a propriety Vasobolic blend made up of Piper Longum, Butea Superba, and several type of DHEA that provide separate and distinct elements to the formula. These types are DHEA Acetate, DHEA Cypionate, and DHEA Decanoate. Other ingredients are Bulgarina Tribulus Terrestris, Cnidium Monnier, and Eurycoma Longifolia (aka “Long Jack”).

Final Take:

Longinexx is a name easily recognized in the male enhancement field, but beyond the marketing and hype, what does it really bring to the table? For one, we find a good combination of tried-and-tested herbs and amino acids in the formula, as well as find that it is reasonably priced. But it tends to beat around the bush in exact ingredient list, always more than necessarily highlighting its proprietary elements while it could simply emphasize exact components and dosing information. The vagueness could be eliminated, and the two-pill recommended intake could also be improved to a one-a-day formula. Overall, Longinexx may not be our top choice but it could be part of the shortlist one may consider for non-drug erection therapy.