EnhanceRx #20

Overall Success Rate 73.6%
Product Quality
Consumer Satisfaction
Immediate Results
Long Term Results
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Less Side effects
Company Refund Policy
Customer Care
Overall Score
Pills Per Bottle 30
Price Per Bottle $47.00

Product Description:

EnhanceRx, according to its official website, is a male enhancement supplement that is consistently rated the Best Male Enhancement Pill for over seven years, and is listed as the top brand on more than 50 different review sites since 2006. The secret, its makers say, is in the ingredients: EnhanceRx is believed to be the only brand on the market that contains leading-quality ingredients that are designed to work and offer results in an instant.

The formula also provides the added benefit of Bioperine, a common addition in supplements that is clinically tested and shown to increase absorption rates of the rest of the ingredients. The makers of this enhancer, too, are quick to tout their 180-day money-back guarantee, said to be one of the most competitive out there.

Promoted Benefits:

EnhanceRx has its primary claims in the form of stronger and healthier erections, improved sexual desire, increased sexual performance, and more explosive orgasms. It offers a timeline for projected male enhancement benefits:

  • Weeks 2 to 4: Erections start to experience greater, longer-lasting erections and a noticeable improvement in thickness
  • Weeks 5 to 8: Erections may grow in length and possess much more thickness in an erect state
  • Week 9 upwards: Erections may take on a new body – not just longer and thicker, but also harder and healthier.


Each pill of EnhanceRx is said to be filled with a powerful blend of herbal ingredients designed to increase blood flow to the spongy chambers of the penis, which are called corpora cavernosa. The size of erections, according to the website, depends on how much blood the body pumps into these chambers, and over time, the increase in both the amount of blood flow and its force will cause these chambers to expand. EnhanceRx is expected to help by widening and elongating these tissues for better blood entry and therefore a larger erect manhood.

To achieve this, EnhanceRx makes use of primary ingredients L-arginine, catuaba, maca root, Korean red ginseng, cayenne pepper extract, saw palmetto, Schizandra, and Bioperine.

Final Take:

EnhanceRx has several advantages over many sexual enhancers today, including having Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and operating on the mechanisms that make erections possible, i.e., optimal blood flow to erectile chambers for ideal erectile quality. On the downside, the product fared poorly in our own trial, particularly in areas of libido and sexual stamina enhancement. One also needs to be cautious of the 180-day money back guarantee, as Optima plan members using the monthly billing program are only eligible for refund on the first order, for instance.

The potential, formidable ingredient lineup, and basics of manufacturing standards are all there, but EnhanceRx left a lot to be desired when we tested its might in our own clinically designed product testing. Either it failed to deliver on its promise or we expected too much – either way it has to prove itself worthy of being ranked among the heavyweights in the male enhancement industry.