Androzene #12

Overall Success Rate 70.15%
Product Quality
Consumer Satisfaction
Immediate Results
Long Term Results
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Less Side effects
Company Refund Policy
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Overall Score
Pills Per Bottle 30
Price Per Bottle $137.49

Product Description:

Androzene high-potency formula says it works to boost sex drive and increase blood flow, supercharging one’s energy and sexual stamina. It flaunts the endorsement of Olympic coach John Abdo, and like other male enhancers of its kind it does not require a prescription and has been on the market long enough to command familiarity and attention. Users are recommended to take one to three tablets of Androzene once a day about a half hour before bed or sexual contact.

Promoted Benefits:

Androzene is bannering the use of clinically tested ingredients to help increase blood flow to one’s genital region as a response to sexual stimuli. This is projected to help provide hardness (or a more rigid erection) and improved penile size, which translates to a longer and fuller erection. Androzene banks on a certain uniqueness, namely being the only male sexual health product with Androphase delivery system or a time-release patented delivery system that improves absorption and ensures the ingredients are in your system all day long. There are other technologies of this kind promoted in other sexual enhancers, but not everyone purports a sustained-release formulation.


Androzene claims to contain all-natural, clinically tested ingredients that increase blood flow and provide fuller, longer, and more rigid erections. They are the following:

  • Niacin33mg
  • Calcium420mg
  • Zinc60mg
  • Androzene Proprietary Blend336mg
    • Guarana Seed Extract
    • Yohimbine 15mg
    • Taurine
    • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract
    • Eleuthero Root Extract
    • Epimedium Extract
    • Nettle Root Extract
    • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
    • Tribulus Terrestris

Final Take:

Androzene is a familiar brand. But the question here is: is it the best male enhancement option for you? We give props to it for the time-release delivery system for maximum absorption, as well as the attention given to aspects of sexual function and performance other than size, namely heightened mood and increased energy.

However, we notice a glaring lack of information on where the potency of this male enhancement pill emanates, as well as the full list of ingredients and clinical trials, if any, that will offer a peak into its overall integrity and capability. One may also need to be wary of its price for a one-bottle supply, as there’s a massive pool out there of just as well-promoted, mature sexual enhancement brand that can deliver the goods while costing less.